Commercial Activities

Commercial Activities:

The commercial operations of NACOF are undertaken by its Head Office in New Delhi and Branches in the State Capitals.

Agriculture Sector:

Procurement of wheat, paddy/rice, pulses, oil-seeds, during Khariff and Rabi Crops seasons directly from the farmers for supply to Govt. Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Cooperatives and other Organizations and also under MSP Scheme of Govt of India, as nominated Agency of State Governments.

The whole pulses are also processed as per demand of the buyers and supplied. The processed pulses are also procured from the Millers and Suppliers by inviting offers, whenever required.

Supply of Seeds of Cereals, Pulses Millets etc. Agro-Equipments, Bio-Fertilizer, Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticides/Insecticides.

Procurement of Jute directly from the farmers under MSP operation as nominated agency of Jute Corporation of India, Kolkata. Presently NACOF is procuring Jute in various states.

Adoption, certification of Agriculture Crop and promotion of organic farming and introduction and live irrigation system. Harvesting/Storage of rain water for use in Agriculture.

Horticulture Items

Supply of hybrid vegetables, flowers and fruit seeds, flower bulbs and Rhizomes, Imported and Domestic Gladiolus Bulbs, Lilium and Tuberous Single and Double, Planting materials viz. Gerbera, Carnation, Roses, Anthuirum, Orchid etc. and Fruits Plants i.e. Banana, Strawberry, Guaya. Mango Lime etc.

Supply of quality plants and planting materials to NHAI under Green Highway Mission in various states.

To promote horticulture, floriculture, ornamented plants and non-conventional agriculture crops at its own or is association with Member Societies/Business Associates.

Forestry Items

Supply of planting materials.

Manufactured items

NACOF has made rate contract arrangements with the reputed manufacturers, distributors and dealers for selected branded items like machinery, furniture, equipments, electrical/electronic items including of computer, solar energy related items, paper & stationery, readymade, garments, hosiery, leather goods, house-hold goods, kitchenware, sanitary, watches, crockery, toiletries, vegetable oils, cosmetics, bakery items etc. for supply to Govt Departments, Cooperatives and others at most competitive rates.

Metal and Non-Metal Items.

Coal and its by-products, Iron bars/sheets, Limestone, Marbles, and Construction Material.

Solar Energy

Supply of various items operated by Solar Energy System like Lights, Water Pumps.


To undertake Computerisation, Digitization & supply of stationery and office use articles.

Development of software, IT services/  consultation. Electrical turn key projects for distribution & transmission to farmers/tribal population.

Projects related to solar systems, solar pumps, solar street lights & solar roof tops etc.

Skill development , social mapping, community mapping etc. specially run under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

Printing & Stationery of all kinds.

To act as nodal agency/ implementing agencies of Central/State Govts./PSUS/ agencies/ corporate for CSR and meeting of the purpose engaged/appoint/ collaborate companies/firm/ agencies/NGOS/ Cooperative Society/Federation. etc.


Forest produces, Tea, Sea-food, Dairy and Animal Products, Drugs, Medicines, Pharmaceutical items etc.

Import and Export

Agricultural commodities, horticultural items, agro-chemical and manufactured, non-agricultural items.

To introduce drip and time irrigation system, harvesting/storing of rain water for use in agriculture. Adoption certification of agriculture crop and promotion of organic farming by using bio technology for production of safe and quality seeds, seedlings and fooders at its own or in collaboration with mandis/ business associates. To implement more suitable solution for electricity such as solar, agri based generation, wind mill and water cleaning and waste management.

Promotional Activities

NACOF undertakes the undernoted promotional activities for its members:

  • Provide specialized training to members and other cooperatives for development of Agriculture.
  • Assist member cooperatives in organizing self help groups.
    Evolve viability for member cooperatives.
  • Develop market information system.
  • Assist in preparation of perspective Business Development Plan for its member cooperatives.
  • Participation of members stores in the betterment of NACOF alongwith its members as per rules and regulations of State Govts. Encouragement of members stores in the day-to-day activities of NACOF and members should involve on profit sharing basis.