Our Chairman

Shri Ram Iqbal Singh was elected as Chairman of NACOF un-opposed in the elections held on 30.04.2010 & on 25/04/2015 for a period of five years each. Shri Singh is a veteran Cooperator and is well known figure in the cooperative sector of the country. He is associated with cooperative moment for over three decades. He hails from Uttar Pradesh, where he held many positions in the cooperative sector. Shri Singh was Chairman of NCCF for two terms for the period 1999-2005.

He was associated as Director and Chairman of many National Level Cooperative Federations including NCCF, NAFED, NCUI, COBI and COOPTOUR for over two decades. Travelled abroad extensively for attending meetings of ICA in various Countries and development of business of NCCF and other Cooperatives.


Sh. Ram Iqbal Singh, Hon’ble Chairman, NACOF (sitting right side) met Sh. Laxmikant Parsekar, the then, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Goa, on 14-10-2016 and discussed about the development of business of NACOF in the State f Goa.




Glimpses of AGM of NACOF held on 08-09-2018 at New Delhi


Sh. Ram Iqbal Singh, Chairman, NACOF inaugurating the 9th AGM on 08-09-2018.




Sh. Ram Iqbal Singh, Chairman, NACOF presenting the Agenda of the AGM. Sh. H. S. Grewal, Vice Chairman, NACOF and Dr. S. R. K. Varshney, IFS(R), M. D. NACOF are also seen in the picture.



A Panoramic view of the AGM.




The Delegates of the AGM discussing the AGM items.