Objectives and functions



National Federation of Farmers’ Procurement, Processing and Retailing Cooperatives of India Ltd, (NACOF) has been established under the Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act 2002 and registered on 4th November 2009 by the Joint Secretary & Central Registrar, Cooperative Societies in the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India at Registration No. MSCS/CR/320/2009. The membership of NACOF is 74 comprising of the State Level Federations, Distt Level Federations and large size/primary level societies from States and Uts of India i.e. the Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Arunachal Pradesh,  Assam, Manipur, and UTts Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir and Pondicherry . Copies  of the registration certificates are appended.

The NACOF, being a Multi-State Cooperative Federation could establish branches or place of business anywhere in the country in accordance with Section 119 of the MSCS Act 2002. The commercial operations of the NACOF are undertaken on all India level through its Head Office in New Delhi and Branches / Sub-Branches / Warehouses functioning in the State Capitals and other important cities / procuring centers.

Objectives and Functions:

  • The objects of the NACOF are to organize, develop the cooperative societies engaged in procurement, processing, retailing, construction, mining related & akin activities: and to make them self-reliant by promoting their economic, social and culture interests by conducting its affairs in professional, democratic and autonomous manner through self help and mutual cooperation  through its indulgence/interventions and active research in professionalizing procurement/processing/retailing/marketing and or trading of agricultural produce, aqua/horticultural, farm forest inputs & produce seafoods, dairy & dairy products, animal products; production/ procurement/marketing of grains seeds and animal feeds and will engage itself directly or through its member societies produce/trade farm inputs alongwith manufacturers/supply/distribution of agriculture machinery and implements and other agriculture related inputs/outputs their storage transportation and marketing; setting up chain of retail stores to cater the requirements of rural and urban community under one roof; and strive for better market prices to farmers/consumers through price support/market interventions by setting up/acquiring/ membership in commodity exchange, imports/exports agencies; offers quality assurance through setting up of the chain of test-labs; provide support to the Member Cooperative Societies through IT network all information related to their business including weather; weather related information to farmers; provide/undertake/develop access to mandis & market places by setting up transportation network and own transport and act as an agent for providing goods and services of all kind to farmers/consumers and to undertake such other activities which are conducive and incidental thereto.
  • In furtherance of above subjects. NACOF may undertake one or more of the following activities which are indicative but not limited to :-
    • To undertake & make arrangements for procurement and distribution of  agriculture, non agriculture, horticultural & farm-forest produce, sea foods, dairy and animal products, minerals from the member societies, Govt. /Semi Govt. / and other organizations.
    •  To acquire, establish and run processing & manufacturing units for production of processed & other consumer goods to facilitate the business of  NACOF.
    • To undertake sorting, grading, standardization, scientific treatment, packing and process of agriculture produce & other articles;
    • To make arrangements for marketing of produce of its member societies and  farmers, manufacturers, etc.
    • To carry on the business as producers of, and dealers in, food stuff and food  products of every description, whether for human, animal,   milk, butter, cream, cheese, oil, fruits, vegetables, beverages, mineral and aerated water;
    • To enter into contracts and collaboration for  purchases, production,   manufacture and marketing of raw materials, auxiliary products, packing materials, finished  products, by-products and other waste products and also enter into joint marketing and exchange agreements with Cooperative Institutions, Public Sector Undertakings  or any other agency in India and abroad
    • To arrange to manufacture, store, maintain, sell, buy, repair, alter, exchange, let on  hire, export, import and deal in all kinds of articles and things which may be required for the purpose of any of the business of NACOF or are commonly supplied or dealt in by persons engaged in any such business or which may seem capable of being profitably dealt in connection with any of the business of NACOF.
    • To undertake market research, dissemination of market intelligence and such other activities as are incidental and conducive to the development of the member Cooperatives as well as NACOF;
    • To carry out publicity and propaganda in respect of Cooperative marketing & supply by publication literature, arrangements of demonstration by organizing conference of marketing processing and supply societies conferences;
    • To make arrangement for marketing of farm-processed produce and consumer goods In its retail stores.
    • Establish trade connections with manufacturers, their authorized distributors and suppliers/dealers including Government Agencies and Cooperative Organizations and to undertake purchase, sale and supply of agricultural and non-agricultural commodities and also all types of consumer goods through retail stores;
    • To provide and arrange for the training of employees of the NACOF  as well as Member Cooperative Societies to promote and improve the business of NACOF;
    • To provide technical guidance and assistance to member societies and other  agencies in grading, packing standardization, bulk buying, storing, display,  pricing & other business techniques and also management methods;
    • To enter into collaboration with Cooperatives or others in India or in foreign countries for machinery and equipment and technical know-how, consultancy,  operations marketing of produce;
    •  To promote and organize Member Cooperative Societies in the field of  procurement, processing and marketing of agricultural and non agricultural
    • Exports and Imports of agricultural commodities, horticultural products,  seeds/saplings, fresh fruits and vegetables, Agro-chemical and manufactured non-agricultural items and any other items permitted under the policies and instructions of the Government of India.
    •  To undertake purchase, sale and supply of manufactured and value added items, drugs, medicines, pharmaceutical items and other consumers goods in  Wholesale and Retail.
    •  To undertake purchase, import, sale, supply of coal and its by-products, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides etc.
      To arrange supply of various items required by Central/ State Governments, PSUs, Cooperative Organizations and others.
       To promote horticulture, floriculture, ornamental plants and non-conventional agricultural crops, social forestry & herbal crops and such other ancillary activities at its own or in association with Members/ Business Associates.
    •  Adoption, certification of agriculture crop and promotion of organic farming/good agricultures/Animal Husbandry practices by using bio-technology  to mitigate the harmful effects of chemical inputs in agriculture field by latest technological inputs and adopting new innovative cultivation methods for production of safe and quality seeds, seedlings   and foods at its own or in collaboration with Members / Business Associates.
    • To set up agriculture farms and institutes by acquiring land / property at its own or in joint  venture or taking  on lease from Government and others for research in agriculture and providing education and training to Members, other Cooperatives and Farmers.
       To introduce drip and line irrigation system, harvesting / storing of rain water for use in agriculture.
    •  To help home-owners, farmers, businesses and other to make a difference in the fight against climate change, To implement more sustainable solution for electricity such as solar, agri waste based generation, wind mill and hydro, water cleaning and waste management in rural and urban areas. To provide complete consultancy and turnkey solution for all such implementation.
    •  To undertake marketing of Petrol, Diesel, Lubricants, LPG, CNG etc. in Rural, Semi Urban, and other areas.
    •  To undertake computerisation, digitalization & supply of office-use articles to Central/State Government Departments.
    • To undertake disposal of Solid Waste Management, Scientific Dumpsite Land Reclamation through Bio-mining and Scientific Reject disposal/Mining of Legacy waste etc.
    • To supply LED Bulbs, Tube Lights, Solar Panels, Energy Efficiency Fans Procured from EESL.
    • To supply plants and planting material to Horticulture Departments of the States and also to NHAI under Green Highway Mission.
    • To enter into Skill Development Projects under various schemes of NDLM, PMKVY, MMKVY, DDU-GKY of Government of India.
    • SFAC and NAFED have awarded the work for formation and promotion of farmers producers organization under Central Sector Scheme under Govt. of India